Messages sent to Facebook can be deleted!

Wise people said, once the word of mouth comes out, it can not be taken back. So think before you act. This word applies to online messaging. Think of this as a Facebook message.

Currently sending a message to somebody in the messenger can not be withdrawn. You can not remove or delete that message. Only you can delete the message from your own messenger, but the message in the inbox sent to it will remain. So far, the Facebook rule is that the person's own inbox messages can be deleted by oneself. There is no other hand here. But Facebook has been telling users to launch the feature of deleting both messages. The name of the feature may be 'Unsanded'.

After launching this feature, you will be able to delete the message forever after sending a message to anyone through Facebook. That is to say, your message will be deleted from other inbox.

Facebook has not yet explained the details of this feature. There is a huge history behind the introduction of this feature to remove messages from both recipients and senders.

Recently, after the data scandal on Facebook, many people saw a surprising thing. Those who have already shared messages with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook, they recently watched Zuckerberg messages deleted from Inbox. But this was not supposed to be done normally. Because in messenger general rule, one can not delete the message from one inbox to other. But in the event of the removal of Mark Zuckerberg's message, everyone came up with the discussion.

Then Facebook said that the company did this deliberate work and for the sake of the corporate security of Facebook, the company took its stand.

In addition, Facebook also said that they will launch the feature to delete messages sent by the messenger inbox within a few months. But before the facility is launched for everyone, Facebook will not remove any other message of Zaqarbazar, he promised that too.

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