The 9 Best Smart Phone Hack that Make You Smart

Digital technology has brought a radical change in our lives. Speaking of certain technologies such as computers, Smartphone or internet names came to mind. Of these, the Smartphone has given us the freedom of conveyance. But are you using your Smartphone completely? Smartphone’s processors, cameras, memory are not just for internet usage and games. If you want, you can do some things using these chips or technology that will be seen only in the movie. Not only that you can use and solve many problems of your daily life.

So, know these 9 smart tricks of your pocket Smartphone, maybe one day will work.

1. Night Vision

When Hollywood Movie’s Night Vision in Your Smartphone!

Night vision is the technology to see in the dark of night. Human are not nocturnal animals. So night vision technology is important for us. The soldiers used this technology in the army. Download this app on your iPhone. This app can be used as night glasses for you. This app works quite well as the spy app. This is great apps to hide in the night to monitor anyone.

2. Take photos by headphones

Become James Bond himself.

It's a lot like the James Bond movie gadget. We all took photographs with the volume buttons of smartphones, but how else can this opportunity be used, know? It can be done with your smartphone's headphones. It can be done to take this photo with your headphone mouthpiece. If you are an iPhone user, then you can take a photo with your headphone’s mouthpiece. Get this feature up to the iPhone 6.

3. Private CCTV System

Make your own CCTV system.

Maybe you have thought of a private CCTV system for your home but where or how or you can not start thinking about the price. Make your Smartphone as a portable CCTV camera. Download the app below. With this app you can also create your own wireless CCTV system. For this, buy a standard cheap phone and add the phone to your WiFi network. Keep the phone charged all the time. The biggest advantage of this app is notification and audio and video support. If we have a children or a sick mother, they have made this CCTV system with this simple app. This system might save lives.

4. The credit card knife        

Pocket portable stainless smart knife.

Knife can be used in different ways everyone knows. But in general issue of its portability. The Swiss Knife can be talked about; this is a smart solution from eBay smart card. The great advantage of this card is that it is in different sizes. So order the card today comparing the size of your phone. Apply the card as your phone’s outer cover and use thin but sharp knives.

5. Portable Desktop Control

Control others devices.

You can try the app below. This app is quite useful for spying. With this app you can control it by connecting to a laptop or desktop around you. The app is very common and easy to use. The app usually connects the device with WiFi or Bluetooth to the desired device.

6. Wave Control Smartphone

Show magic with your Smartphone.

This technology is quite fun and surprising. A lot of science fiction genres. This technology is also useful to surprise children. Again you are cooking or bathing, can not touch the phone at this time? You can try this app. After installing this app, you will not have to touch the phone again. Just lock or unlock your phone with the help of a wave, even the phone has the convenience of receiving phone call. Actually, if you do not touch the phone, you can do the job simply by moving the finger and unlock the phone lock or receiving the call. This app works on the common Android devices.

7. VPN Support

VPN advantage is now on your Smartphone.

Those who use the Internet or the telephone, they will be hearing VPN. VPN is working to hide your IP address. There are many apps or sites that you can use not just for your country or IP. There are many VPN ads for Android or iOS. But our best choice is this app. The app is free and its biggest advantage is that you can choose the preferred country or IP series by yourself. Install the app today; it will be useful to talk to dear people in tomorrow.

8. My phone is forbidden!

Is your Smartphone safe?

We are always worried about the security of our phones. For this, all new technology is coming to our security. In addition to image verification, pattern verification, voice or fingerprint verification, new addition of faces Verification. But if you do not have these features on your Smartphone, you can still get the security of your phone. Download and install this app. If someone wants to touch your phone in your absence, the app will play an alarm and tell that someone want to touch your phone. The most attractive of this app is that you can use your favorite ringtone or voice tone as an alarm tone. This app will protect your phone from the reach of children or there will be a lot of security for the phone.

9. Second number

Use more than one phone number in a single SIM.

If you need second phone number, you may buy a new SIM or use another phone. There is a simpler solution for you. This app will give you the convenience. This app will give you the advantage of using more than one number without using additional SIM or additional phones. If you have this app, you can use more than a phone number to handle messaging or phone calls by using a Smartphone. You do not have to make unnecessary change of SIM or use a few phones. What is more than the detective!

Although the list of this app is enough to surprise spying or others, however, you can make sure to protect yourself and your family by using these.

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