The Chairman of the Nokia Started Studying Again

Finland's Nokia Corp. chairman Risto Siilasmaa began studying again at the age of 51. What subject did he start to study? The matter is the most discussed topic of the modern era. That is Artificial Intelligence.

He is the chairman of one of the world's leading technical innovations. But he started courses in university to know more about artificial intelligence. He has been admitted to several online courses in AI Programming, conducted by Stanford University.

In an e-mail message Risto said to the Reuters news agency, ‘‘I understand that I do not know very much about AI. After 30 years, I am going back to study programming.’’

The chairman of the Nokia said, ‘‘I have no intention of becoming artificial intelligence-related programmer. However, I want to understand the capabilities and limitations in this sector more deeply.’’

Since the start of the course, he informed Nokia's board of directors and managers. He said, ‘‘I want to raise awareness of artificial intelligence. Because it will be one of the driving forces in the ongoing industrial revolution.’’

In recent times artificial intelligence has started to attract business attention in various sectors, including health, financial sector. Algorithms are being used in various functions, including data analysis, solving various problems. Nokia does not want to be behind in this case. The company wants to analyze data by creating advanced software.

Finland's mobile-based company has earned praise for transformations as the world's largest telecom network parts manufacturer, Risto Siilasmaa.

In 2014, Nokia sold mobile phone business to Microsoft. But even after approaching Microsoft, the Nokia brand is back in the mobile phone business. Recently, the name of the Nokia HMD Global retained its name again. HMD Global is developing Nokia brand mobile phone.

References: Reuters

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