'Smart Ring' will pay the Price!

The name of the Smartphone is known, now that there is no such work that can not be done by Smartphone. Now the 'smart ring' is made to keep your finger, which allows you to pay the price by buying the product. The news published in the Mashable revealed that the ring has been named 'Curve', which has already been released in the UK market. If you are wearing this ring, you will not have to carry paper or metal coin separately in order to purchase the product.

But this is not the first purchasing smart device. Apple phone users have been enjoying this facility through ‘Apple Pay’ for several years. There is no doubt about the ring technology that will give users new experience. Because of this, this ring will work without connecting Smartphone. As a result, users will get access to Near Field Communication (NFC) or near-area based communication technology.

Curve will be work under MasterCard Network for payment of money. Users must be registered with Curve Virtual MasterCard Account. Once connected to this ring, it will work anywhere in the world, where there is arrangement of wireless money transfer.

Curve makers claim that this 'ornament' is the world's first purchasing 'smart ring'. But it is also being contested by another United Kingdom-based smart ring manufacturer NFC. Those who themselves also use NFC technology in exchange for money. The NFC Rings Company's claim, Curve used NFC creative talent to design their ring. But Curve has denied the claim.

The team that worked behind NFC Rings had earlier published such technology, when they had partnerships with the financial services company Visa. This institution is introduced in the technology world in 2015. Later, the best athletes in the Olympic Village used their ring at the Rio Olympics 2016.The NFC ring is purchased from European countries. This ring will be released in various markets in the phases. But its technology is different from the curve. The NFC ring has to be connected to an Android device to work. But it does not need for the curve.

Curve founder Philip Campbell acknowledged that e-mail was transfer between these two ring making companies. He said the legal battle is going on in the US market, there is no curve presence, and there is no plan to get involved with it.

Campbell is confident that this debate will not be able to stand in the way ahead of the curve. So if you want to wear such a smart ornaments in the future, you should keep the eye on the curve.

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