See whether your Android phone is Google Certified

Go to Google Play Store settings and see if your Android device is Google Certified. You will see a menu named Device Certification at the bottom of the setting, where your device's authentication status will be provided. If your Smartphone is certified by Google, you will see the written text here; otherwise it will be shown uncertified.

What is Device Certification?
Since the Android operating system is open source software, so any Smartphone manufacturer can create an Android handset using Android Source code. Many Android handset manufacturer companies have been formed around the world due to this availability of the Android operating system. Since every company is making handsets with its parts and configurations, there is a lack of discipline in the Android ecosystem. For this reason, Android Smartphone faces many complaints, such as applications do not run very well, slow down, hang up, battery drain, virus attack etc.

For this reason, Google has introduced the device certification system in order to create discipline and strengthen security in the Android ecosystem. Through this, each Smartphone has to pass a compatibility test or parity test. Passing this test means that the Smartphone is fully prepared for using Google Mobile Service (GMS). Google PlayStore service and Google's other major Android apps such as Gmail, Maps, Photos, Chrome, YouTube, Drive together are called Google Mobile Service (GMS).

If your set is not certified?
That doesn’t mean that your handset is fake. This means that your company is not connected for Google's device certification exam. Or contracted but still do not get pass certification in Compatibility Test. There is nothing to be disappointed; some famous brands available in the market are found in low-priced set Uncertified.

Note that the names of Walton and Symphony in Bangladesh are listed on the Google Certified Manufactures list. That means that the companies are using Android operating software as Google partner companies in their handset. Find out your handset manufacturer at the following link:

Now see whether your handset is Google Certified!

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