Playing Video Games Is Good For Your Brain

Famous poet Rabindranath Tagore told that he was learning by playing. So now people have to study really by playing. But can you imagine a school, where video games will be encouraged in class? Even if you do not have to write the test, just you will have to play Video games! A new educational program is using a popular strategic game called 'Sim City' to increase the capability of children to solve various problems. Glasslab has taken this innovative initiative, told the BBC.

Glasslab is a program jointly organized by teachers and technicians. Here video games are mainly given place in the home work place. The purpose of this initiative is to promote education through entertainment by combining commercial game studios and educational organizations. With this goal, gaming technology is being used as a tool for learning. The organization's hope is that even once the traditional test system could be transferred through it.

The game by which students will continue to study, its name is SimCityEDU: Pollution Challenge. This is an educational version of the Strategic Video Game 'Sim City'. Sorted by adolescents favorable, students have to play the role of mayor of a city. In that city they will play the role of an officer in charge. And they have to solve various issues like environmental pollution or traffic congestion in the city. Outside of traditional education, school children can get ideas about social development. They can learn from this, as well as play a positive role in the society. It is believed the organizers.

Jessica Lindy, general manager of Glasslab, is very optimistic about this innovative method. She thinks this special education will make the children thoughtful through video games. Besides, she also thinks, if the education system can be made such a time, then the students will become proficient in the career.

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