If You Catch Google's Mistakes, You can Earn Millions of Dollars Sitting at Home

Google has made an offer for everyone so that you can get money sitting at home

If you keep the information related to mobile or technology, you can earn millions of dollar at home. Google has been reviewing their products some time later. Google always tries that there is no defect in their product so that there is no harm to the company or users. The company is always aware of this and continues to work on this matter. Google has come up with an offer for everyone, and you will get a lot of money as a result of this offer.

You can get this offer from 100 dollars to 200 thousand dollars. A school student caught a small mistake in the company. Within a short time Google corrected the mistake and gave him 10 thousand dollars.

Google can get money on four schemes

The company has made its partners with ordinary people to eliminate errors in their services and to make better services.

1. Google Vulnerability Reward Program

2. Page Reward Program

3. Chrome Reward Program

4. Android Security Reward Program

These four programs have different product covers and all the different rewards are available. You have to report Google errors for money.

To get this money, you will need to tell about any error in Google Product, which can be used to earn money by reporting any bugs or security issues. These problems are also divided into 4 categories. It has options like Critical, High, Moderate and Low. If you found any errors or any solutions, then you will receive a reward. The school student told the error, but he could not explain himself the solution and that’s why Google gave him 10 thousand dollars.

To earn money on this offer, first of all you go to Google's website https://www.google.com/about/appsecurity/programs-home/

There you will find 5 schemes. You can see all the schemes by clicking on any product or service, which level you will get, how many rewards you get.

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