What is the Danger of the iPhone 8!

Which happened in the last year for Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone, this happened to be heard similarly on the iPhone 8. The battery of the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus Smartphone is going to burst.

There have been allegations that such explosions occurred in at least six iPhones. Although there was no major damage or fire, the phones were found to be divided into several parts. The casing was also damaged by the explosion pressure.

The first incident took place in Taiwan. When a woman was charging the iPhone 8, the battery swelled and saw the phone be divided into several parts. She was charging using Apple's cable and adapter. He was using the Rose Gold iPhone 8 Plus 64 GB model. After three minutes, she saw the front panel was swollen.

According to a report on Saturday's technology website ‘The Verse’, a Japanese buyer of iPhone posted his iPhone blasts pictures on Twitter. Then there were such incidents in China, Canada and Greece.

According to the Senate website, they have received news of at least six iPhone 8 blasts in five countries.

In a statement about the iPhone blasts, US technology firm Apple said, "We are looking the matter and investigating about it."

Until now, there was no evidence to fire any iPhone. It was only found that the inner machinery was burst out.

Sam Jeff, managing director of the US technology expert of Crain Energy Research Advisor, says that the new battery swelling is unusual. Battery has a main problem, it indicates the same.

So far only a few iPhone cases have been heard. It is not clear if the whole batch battery has a problem. If such an incident happens then the longtime reputation of the iPhone will be lost.

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus has started selling since September 22. So far, the company has not released the selling quantity of these models.

Apple's premium phone ‘iPhone 10’ is set to start on October 27, which will be available in the market from November 3.

Last year, in the United States, after about 90 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosions, the South Korean company has removed it from the market. References: IANS

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