Uber is Destroying the Tradition of London!

The license expired on 30 September, when the license was not renewed by the app-based taxis service provider Uber in London. The Transport Regulatory Agency of the UK's capital London, Transport for London (TFL), cancels their license for some complaints. Uber have done a lot of work to overcome this situation, But Uber's bad times are not going to end. It is very difficult to overcome this situation. There have been new allegations that Uber is destroying London's hundred years of taxi cab tradition.

Sean Paul De runs the taxi in London for 18 years. Besides, he also co-founders of a taxi service provider app called Taxi-App. He said that the historic black taxi in London has been showing the country's tradition to tourists coming here year after year. Uber is destroying the tradition. Uber is financially powerful in the whole world, but harmful for London's local taxi culture.

On the other hand, although not opposed to Uber's service, many of the local taxi drivers in London claim that Uber is not a self-sufficient organization. They complain that Uber did not give fair money to their drivers. An Uber taxi driver can earn less than the fixed income of the state in which Uber keeps 25% of the rent from each of the drivers. Besides, Uber attracts customers with less rentals than fair fare. In this context, general driver’s logic is that Uber earned millions of dollars and investments and so they can provide their service to the low fares. But it is not possible for an individual driver.

Petition collection is going on for the company to continue its Uber service in London. Originally, the passengers are more interested than drivers in London to keep Uber in the streets of London. Those who signed the petition to open this service, about 0.8 million of them are Uber subscribers. As the main reason for this, they say that Uber's rent is comparatively lesser. In order to not renew the license, Uber decided to appeal against TFL's decision. During the appeals process, Uber can continue their service on the streets of London.

Source: Senate

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