Some Youngsters Stopped a Terrible Cyber Attack

Some of the young researchers from the United Kingdom and the United States have been introduced in the role of the Trinity when IT experts were struggling at least 99 countries in the world to prevent cyber attacks using malicious software. Thousands of organizations have been rescued from the major losses in their activities.

The local time on Saturday found out the way to prevent cyber attacks.

Earlier on Friday, the network activities of hospitals, banks, government organizations, and various organizations of the world were stalled. The attack attacked the online health system in the United Kingdom. Apart from this, computer systems of different countries have become close. The main motive of the attack was to enter the harmful software and earn money. For this reason the attack is called the Ransomware attack (the use of ransom software for ransom).

UK youths take help to 20 security engineers to save various organizations from that attack. The UK's National Cyber Security Center and several other organizations have congratulated the young man, who is in the anonym 'Malwaretech' online.

It is known that the youngster stopped a huge attack using the 'Kill Switch' option. He used this switch option without knowing much better in the beginning. But after that, it provides huge performing tasks.

Malwaretek is one of the cyber security communities around the world. It is performed by various security companies or personal work, through which various attacks are stopped. These community members often publish their information on Twitter. Members of this community often use anonym for protection or privacy protection.

In the blog post on Saturday, malwaretech anonym user UK youth said that after getting lunch with a friend on Friday, overall in the United Kingdom's healthcare system had been infected with ransomware. It seemed to him to be "big something".

To solve the whole incident, the young man began to analyze a sample of harmful software. He noticed that the software code contained the address of a secret website. That domain was not registered for the website. Realizing the issue, he immediately registered the domain. This kind of work he did before. He did this kind of work in the past to identify or stop common malignant software.

On the other hand, 28 years old engineer Darren Hues, a resident of the west of the United States of Michigan, was researching the issue. He said the makers had put an option called 'Kill Switch' on the malware software, which could stop the cyber attack. He shares the issue of screenshots on Twitter. Within a short time he was contacted by malwaretech in a coincidence.

By contacting, both of them understand that the domain name is registered and the attack is indicated on the malwave server, the switch will be on. They did this thing as usual. In this way, the massive ransomware attack was stopped.

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