Smart Weather-forecasting Umbrella

Our life is like summer-monsoon. Umbrella can not be denied in any way in this sunshine-rain period. But it is also very difficult to carry in the hand or in the bag with the umbrella. But if forecasting is possible just before the exit of the road, then the problem will be greatly reduced.

Kisha has created such an umbrella which will give you five-day weather forecasts. There is no possibility of losing this umbrella. Because it has a Bluetooth chip that will be connected with your Smartphone.

This 73-dollar’s umbrella will have a lamp. When you leave the umbrella, the lamp will turn on and the signal will reach your Smartphone. The lamp will turn on with the help of its battery. Its battery will work six-month in a row.

According to a Daily Mail’s report, the umbrella has been made strongly to resist the rain and storm wind. Kisha's engineers tested the umbrella in 120 miles gusting wind per hour and found that it was not break or wrench. Smart umbrella will send you a tracking map on the Smartphone to find out where the umbrella is lost.

The umbrella was designed by Goran Candelick. He said, 'I was stuck in the house for two consecutive weeks of rain. Then my friend said that we should have given the umbrella factory. I told him to add a chip to the umbrella so that the umbrella is not lost. '

About the construction of the umbrella, Goran said, "First we found a factory, which made a very strong umbrella. From there we made our designated umbrellas with setting chip. 30 million umbrellas are sold in the United States every year. We wanted to catch that big market of umbrella, so we combined the technology with this umbrella. We wanted to make an umbrella which would last for a long time.

Goran is busy with more advanced version of the umbrella. The umbrella can track user's location. Also it has three years warranty with these umbrellas.

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