Six Wrong Ideas about Mobile Phone Charges

Mobile phone users have to charge their phones every day. It has become a practice to users. But we raise some wrong ideas about this charge. That is to say, it will damage the phone or that will be the problem of the battery etc.

Almost all the Smartphone have lithium-ion battery. And sometimes the explosion of these batteries is reported. Recently Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone’s battery blast came in the conversation. As a result, the wrong concepts of charging battery are more believable. However, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is nothing but an error of creating a battery explosion.

The device's battery is built in the same way as the mobile phone does not fire. And the lithium-ion battery properly created will not burn at least in your pocket. So, do not be afraid of useless, let’s have a look on six wrong ideas about mobile charging. The ideas have been published on a website named Mashable.

Concept 1: Charging mobile phone all night is bad
Most Smartphone without some older models of mobile phones automatically realize that their charge is full. When the charge is completed, the phone automatically stops charging. Because of this feature of Smartphone, you are safe.

Concept 2: New charges can not be connected until the full charge is over
It's usually not good to do this. Lithium-ion battery is not like a TV remote battery that does not allow the battery to be used before the battery is out of power. Or new charges should not be connected until the battery charge is over - keep this idea away. Memory effect like older nickel-metal hydride batteries (In the case of old battery, new charges can not be connected until the full charge is over is called Memory Effect) is not in the case of your new Smartphone and mobile phone battery. Rather, if you think like that, it can damage your mobile phone. So when happy, if you get a suitable place, charge there.

Concept 3: Mobile phone can not be used during charging
When using mobile phone during charging, although there is no possibility of electrocution, many people would suggest it not to do so. Because they think it will cause harm to your mobile phones. Although it has no basis as any other misconception. This misconception is more intense in 2014, at the time of charging mobile phone, a woman with a mobile phone user was died. The incident happened in Australia. Although the authorities later saw that this incident happened due to the use of low cost USB mobile chargers. So using mobile phone is completely safe with charging, but bewares about cheap chargers. It is better not to touch mobile phone with wet hands.

Concept 4: All the mobile chargers are built in the same way
The charger provides electricity to your Smartphone, and how much difference can it contain? There are many people who have such an idea about the charger. But actually a lot of thing depends on a good charger. So, duplicate chargers should be avoided. Expert researcher, Sheriff Bazar has found some fake chargers in the disguise of Apple's charger. These fake chargers are basically responsible for destroying and setting fire on your mobile phone. If you can not buy the famous brand's charger, you should buy the charger by checking it good or bad. Good charger means that your mobile is charging faster, it can also be avoided by melting excess heat from electricity.

Concept 5: Mobile can not be turned on for 24 hours for seven days a week
Keeping mobile phone running on always affects the life span of your mobile battery, but closing the mobile phone is not a solution. For this, you should reboot your mobile from the mobile reboot option once a week. It will also be helpful to improve the performance of your mobile phone.

Concept 6: 'Location Service' or location-related services are wasting your battery's power
Many of these allegations will be heard by the use of mobile phone apps services, which provide location-related services, will decrease battery capacity. According to the IT related site of the Android Authority, this concept is also wrong. There are many such apps that can decrease your mobile phone battery charge faster if you use it, which does not mean it is harmful for your mobile phone's battery. If you want to use the location service on your mobile phone, you can use it safely. It will never harm the life span of your battery.

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