Is Public WiFi Safe? How to Use Safely Public WiFi Network

Salon to gymnasium or restaurant to the railway station - Nowadays, the Wi-Fi facility is kept open to the common man's convenience. Many people write a big font in the shop for attracting people 'Free Wi-Fi'. But the Wi-Fi internet provided free of cost can sometimes cause cyber crime. Phone or computer secret information can be stolen. So, technology experts advised to be careful about some Wi-Fi before using.

Here's how to reduce the risk, whether you use a laptop, Smartphone, or tablet.

Keep updating your device
Smartphone or computer operating system is not only updated to give new features but it also improved version is updated to provide maximum security to your phone. So often those who use open Wi-Fi network keep their devices up-to-date all the time.

Use antivirus
In addition to being stealing information on the use of open Wi-Fi, there is also a possibility of spreading viruses to smartphones. But even though iPhone users are somewhat safe, Android users are at serious risk. So you can use various antivirus tools on your phone. But they must be made of good quality developers.

Beware of slower Wi-Fi
It is normal to have open Wi-Fi slower in crowded places. However, if the connection is too slow even though there are fewer users, be careful! It is best to disconnect the Wi-Fi connection. Because, your private information is being sent to cyber criminal, slow-wired Wi-Fi connection is one of its symptom.

Refrain from shopping
The free Wi-Fi connection that you should not do with your device is online shopping or banking. This means that your online informative financial transaction should not be done in the open Wi-Fi work. Cyber crime analysts say most of the online banking frauds are organized using uncovered Wi-Fi for unsafe financial transactions.

Use Two-Factor Safety
Nowadays, many website or e-mails have a two-factor authentication approach to log-in. With this facility if your email or password is stolen, anyone can not be logged without specific mobile code. Those who use the open Wi-Fi network, they should use this method on important websites or e-mails.

Disconnect fast after the need
There may be an urgent need to use public Wi-Fi. But you should close the connection immediately after the end of the work.

The most reliable way to safely use open Wi-Fi is to use virtual private networks or VPNs. VPN users share information as much as possible with the security of the desired destination. So, experts say to keep using VPN or VPN app while using open Wi-Fi network.

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