1 Billion Yahoo User’s Information were Stolen

Finally, Yahoo has confessed the news of hacking. Yahoo said on Wednesday that at least 1 Billion user data was stolen. Earlier, in August 2013, there was a complaint of theft of user’s data at least 500 million accumulated by yahoo. Technology based website Tech Crunch told the news.

On behalf of Yahoo informed this story of data theft, 'Yahoo believes that a third party illegally stole information from Yahoo users in August 2013.'

Yahoo has alleged that this hacking incident could happen with the help of a state. Verizon has already announced to purchase Yahoo! for $ 4.8 billion. That process is currently in progress. However, the share price of Verizon shares fell on the stock market due to hacking.

Yahoo Chief Information Security Officer Bob Lord acknowledged the incident of hacking in a post, "We have not yet been able to identify the person involved with data theft. User’s name, email address, telephone number, birthday and password information have been stolen. "

Yahoo warns users about theft. Users have been requested to change the password of the Yahoo account.

Once, one of the most popular and influential technology company Yahoo suffered for a few years.  Apps and other social media and instant messaging services are just at stake Yahoo. The new incident of theft of user’s information on it has put Yahoo in an embarrassing situation.

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