The Light of the Smartphone may Cause Damage at Night

Nowadays, the happy companionship of the happiness and sorrow of the people is the Smartphone. Until the end of the Smartphone charge or your charge is ending, that means you are feeling tired or sleeping, as long as you are using a Smartphone. However, the extra using of Smartphone will harm your brain, mind and body constantly.

You must know that the blue light always emits from the Smartphone. Because of this, in the light of the sun, you clearly see the activities of the Smartphone. These types of lighting emit from your other devices, such as laptops, TVs, these gadgets.

Originally the light of this Smartphone has been created from the light of the sun. And your brain has been created in such a way that as long as the sun shines, there will be a hormone called melatonin, which will hinder your sleep. Since the sunlight and the light of the Smartphone are the same, this light makes your brain confused when you run a Smartphone at night. The brain keeps on getting the melatonin thinking, so you cannot sleep well at night.

Experts suggest that two to three hours before sleeping, any electrical device using should be stopped. The melatonin emits from the pineal gland of the brain. Blue light is considered as the main cause of insomnia. And the experts have blamed photorealism, whose name is Melanopsin. This melanopsin is available in contact with the retinal nerve that is available in the cell, which becomes activated in blue light.

Let's see how the Smartphone is harming our mind, brain, and body by seeing the health related journal Bold Sky.

1. The most harmful effects of Smartphone have come to the teenager. In this case, they are very sensitive to adults. Because, due to smart phones, more adolescents are awake during the night. As a result, their natural circadian rhythm (the physiological growth of teenage age) is hampered.

2. The electromagnetic radiation of the home connected Wi-Fi and hands-on Smartphone may cause harm to the child's health.

3. Before sleeping, reduce the use of Smartphone and stop the devices like TVs, laptops and Smartphones.

4. You can also download the f.lux from the internet. This allows you to adjust the screen of your electronic device at night and day. This light of your electronic device will not affect you.

5. The light of Smartphone disrupts the normal sleep cycle. This will be difficult for you to sleep early in the night and to wake up early in the morning.

6. During the night, sleep disturbed under the influence of additional light. This is one of the causes of chest and prostate cancer (urinary tract infections).

7. Due to the normal sleep disruption, the concentration and attention of the next morning decreased greatly.

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