The 10 Features that Android Ahead From iOS

The main dualism of the Smartphone operating system is that of the tech giant Apple's built-in iOS and Google's built-in Android operating system. Different features and benefits include two operating systems. However, for some features android is ahead from iOS.

The Indian daily ‘Times of India’ said that 10 features.
1. Split screen
The last version of Android, Nougat and Apple's iOS 10 both operating systems have the advantage of using two different apps to split the main screen. However, this feature of iOS is applicable only for the iPad. Split screen feature is not yet launched on iPhone. On the other hand, from tablet to Smartphone, Android nougat allows the use of split screens on all devices.

2. Quick usage of notification bar
Notification bars have different options, such as torch, WiFi, data access, and more. These options can be turned on or off only once by dragging the Android Smartphone.

3. Easily from one app to another app
The Android operating system is fast enough to launch different app at same time. Multi-window double touching button will show a small list of all the apps running on the screen. From the speed of Smartphone, iOS is far behind.

4. Dosage
One of the most effective features of Android is 'Dosage'. Originally Dosage launched from the marshmallow version. Under this feature, when the Smartphone is idle without being used, it helps in saving the battery. Due to use of Dosage standby Smartphone can spend just 3 percent of the charge whole night.

5. Data Saver
'Data Saver' is just like the dosage feature. But not the battery, it will make Smartphone affordable for internet data consumption. In the background, an app can access data, which can be controlled through data sever.

6. Deadly VR
Google has provided virtual reality for Android nougat. Using this virtual platform, various VR games can be played and Virtual Reality video can be seen.

7. More informative 'Settings' feature
More informative and elaborate settings are included in the latest version of Android.

8. Access to use different accounts
Google has been able to access various Google accounts on the same device. Users from Lollipop can use more than one account. Storage, can keep data of different apps in multiple accounts.

9. Instant App
Temporary basis from Play Store, various apps without downloading and the specific scope of use is available on the Android operating system. No such features are available on the iOS operating system.

10. Easy to update
The size of Apple's iOS 8 Operating System was 4 gigabytes. Although Apple has reduced it to 2 GB, it still has more than Android. Android OS updates are always around one gigabyte size. On the other hand, Android has added the 'Simless Update Features' to Nougat. As a result of this feature, all new updates will be downloaded in the background. When the user restarts the Smartphone, the update will be installed.

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