Pokemon Go Downloaded More Than 500 Million!!

In July 6, 2016, the Pokemon Go was released on Google Play-store and Apple Store. The game gained rapid popularity since the release. Pokemon go spreads like a virus. Even many gamer caused the accident while playing the game.

The game has a new record. The game has been downloaded more than 500 million times from Apple and Google Play-store. The news was announced on Wednesday by the Pokemon Go's company contractor. Business Insider told the news.

There are many popular games that have been running for four years but those games have not even reached Pokemon Go's record. Although the game is not available for some region, the gamer of many countries have not yet had the opportunity to play the game. Again in many countries, the game has been banned to avoid accidents.

Chief of the Delegation John Hanke said, "People around the world love Pokemon Go. People like this idea to find Pokemon in the real world. People of all ages played the game.

Hanke also told that Apple lovers will be able to play the game using Apple Watch.

The Pokemon Go game is basically a location based game. In collaboration with the Japanese company “The Pokemon”, it has been created by the US Games and software developer company Corporation.

Smartphone Internet connection, GPS system and camera will be available to play the game. Because where you are playing with Google Maps, the environment around you will be brought to your phone screen as a virtual reality.

Norwegian Prime Minister Played the Pokemon Go in the Parliament!

The 'Pokemon Go' game has seen the craze of the common man so far, but the head of state and the politicians also play the game, it was not seen before. It was found in Norway's Prime Minister Erna Solberg. She played the game 'Pokemon Go' on her own Smartphone in the parliament. The news has been published in various international media.

The British daily news ‘The Guardian’ said before that some Norwegian MPs were seen playing the Pokemon Go game in the Parliament. But this year Norway's Prime Minister has been facing great criticism for playing the game.

On Tuesday, during a debate in parliament, 'Pokemon go' game was seen playing Erna Solberg. Solberg is playing 'Pokemon Go' game, it is not old. She was also seen playing 'Pokemon Go' during a government tour in Slovakia. Solberg acknowledged his gimmick to journalists.

Before in August, the leader of the Liberal Party of Norway ‘Trine Skei Grande’ was seen playing the Pokemon Go game at a conference on national security.

In last July, the game was released for the Android and iOS operating system Smartphone. And after the release of the game, it became very popular. Earlier the 'Candy Crush Saga' game got such popularity. All the people of different ages are playing the game with interest.

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