iPhone 8 will be Coming on 22th September, 2017

The iPhone lover knew that the 8th generation of iPhone 8 will be released in September. But no one can say that day can be released. So the waiting time has increased. But the waiting week for the iPhone is going to be end. Because of the reason is the final release of the iPhone 8. The Telegraph quoted French website McAfeeEver as saying that the iPhone 8 is going to be released on September 12. It will be available in the market from 22th September.

Will not have any innovation in iPhone 8? So the new features will be available in the iPhone 8. iPhone 8 does not have any home button. So compared to last time, iPhone is increasing in size. This year's display will be 5.5 inches. There are three types of storage options available on the new iPhone 8 and these are 64GB, 256GB and 512GB. It has two-dimensional censored dual camera. Apart from this, for the front and rear cameras, there will be an opportunity to take the imagined reality, three-dimensional virtual photos. Not only the person taking the photo, but also be able to enhance the surrounding environment and time.

Face Recognition Technology will occupy fingerprint scan technology in the iPhone 8. That means the user's face will be the password to open the IPhone 8 lock. And to recognize the user's appearance, it will take one part from one million part of a second. The OLD Basel Les panel has added on the new iPhone 8.

If you want to take iPhone 8, you can take a little hydrauli Because of the high quality water-resistance system in the iPhone 8. Wireless charging system will avoid the hassles of charging. The price of this upcoming iPhone can be between $1,000 and $1,400.

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