Google Has been Fined $ 2.7 Billion by EU

Tech Giant Google has been facing bigger penalties for creating exclusive market of their products in internet search. The European Union (EU) has fined US $ 2.7 billion by accusing them of taking excessive advantage of online shopping service.

According to the EU's complaint, Google is looking forward to putting their products in the online shopping service search engine. Other rival in the market are being affected, consumers are being cheated. The EU's Market Competition Act has been violated in this activity by Google.

EU spokesman Margreth Vestaj said, Google has abused its power by promoting its products in the results of the search engines and keeping competitors behind products. The company has been given 90 days to stop this arbitrariness. Even after breaking the law, the penalty will increase further.

In 2010, the Investigation Team of the EU got down on the field in search of Google's activities. US based companies are trying to unite in Europe, the investigations started on the basis of such allegations by politicians.

The EU has filed a final charge against Google in 2015 and 2016. However, the Company has repeatedly denied the allegation.

A Google spokesperson said: "When you shop in online, you will want to find your favorite product easily and quickly. Google products are promoted through these products. That's why Google advertises the products for adding all advertisers with users. '

The spokesperson also said, "We do not agree with the decision against Google. We will appeal against this decision. "

Meanwhile, the EU has fined the first such amount of money to any organization. The EU fined another technology company Intel in 2009.

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