Fazlur Rahman Khan Einstein of Structural Engineering

In 2009, the Ex US President Barack Obama spoke at Cairo University, “We commemorate a Bengali Engineer with respect to designing our skyscraper in his design”.

In 1969, Sears and Co. thought about how their 350,000 employees could be taken to a workplace. They thought to build a sky-rocked building. Design responsibility was given to a Bengali engineer.

In 1971, the first one in the US Senate came to tell about his hardship. He said "West Pakistanis have cruelly tortured over Bangladesh.

In 1971, he was running from the door to door of the immigrant Bangalees for the purpose of helping Bangladesh's liberation war, to build a good financial balance.

In 1972, there was a lot of discussion going on after the independence of Bangladesh about the official name of the currency, mostly like Rupee. Fazlur Rahman Khan gave a different opinion. He argued for the nomination of "Taka". The Bangabandhu government accepted the proposal in a word.

In 1965, 1968, 1970, 1971, 1979, it is said to be the most contributing personality in the architecture industry five times.

In 1999, finally his birthplace honored him with the Independence Day Award. There was a stamp of 4 taka worth. He did not come to this country to visit because he left the world 17 years ago.

I do not have the ability to write his engineering contribution and his knowledge. I think a line is enough to convince him. Wikipedia says about him, “He has been called Einstein of Structural Engineering”. He was also told “Father of Tubular designs” and Master of Engineering”.

Those who are fascinated and surprised by the beauty and fondness of the sky-shaped tube shape building, they need to know that a Bangladeshi's thinking, intellectualism, has shown the courage to make the world sky so quick. He just did not make sure just only beauty, the use of steel has made it much more economical than the whole thing. Some of his special deployment can be mentioned such as Sears Tower (currently Willis Tower, was the world's tallest building for 25 years, still the highest building in America), John Hancock Centre etc.

One of the famous engineers name John Zill (senior engineer, som) said about him, “There are so many wonderful patterns in architectural engineering and structural engineering that there is no such parallel between them and no structural engineer could ever show like him”.

I want to finish writing with one of his wonderful words, "Technology must not be lost in its technology and it must be able to appreciate life. Life is industry, drama, music and most important is people".

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