Facebook Says there are 10 Ways to Know Fake News

Social media has become a new medium for reading news, as well as daily news gathering. Various news in the country and abroad is available anytime anywhere on the edge of the world. But there are problems too. Social media is increasingly growing in popularity due to spreading false news and rumors. Readers are confused in it.

Facebook has taken steps to reduce this problem slightly. They have informed about 10 ways to report false news in the media. According to a media report, this news has been published advertisements on popular newspapers such as ‘The Times’ and ‘The Guardian’ and ‘The BBC’.

What are the 10 ways to know fake news on Facebook? Let's take a look at a glance.

1. See the headline before you reading the news. Because the fake news titles often create doubts.

2. Before reading the news, you have to take a look on its website address. Seeing an unknown or suspicious address, the news is more likely to be false.

3. If the source of the news is unknown or there are no sources, then it is better not to trust the news.

4. Misleading spellings and the type of editing of the news can easily be known as the false news.

5. It is necessary to consider how relevant the pictures are in the news. Because, in the fake news is often given irrelevant pictures.

6. It is necessary to know when the incident described in the news. False news does not require proper space and time.

7. There is no basis for news without appropriate evidence. So before you reading, check whether the correct evidence has been submitted.

8. There is no need to believe in any news instantly. Take a look at whether it is similar to other media reports.

9. The news that you are reading, is it not a joke? Please verify the news before you believe.

10. The published news may be fun. So the news should be taken as fun. No need to believe it.

Facebook will be free from the Fake message
Facebook has bought various changes to the social media platform. Particularly, the issue of spreading fake news is being caught against. Facebook is stopping advertisements on pages that directly or indirectly spread fakes news.

According to Facebook blog, they are bringing a new update. It will minimize the spread of fake news. Those pages that spread fake news, their stress will get increased. Many Facebook pages are using Facebook Ads to increase their viewers. As a result, fake news spreading more widely. Now if any news spreads from a Facebook page and later it is seen as fake news, then those pages will not be able to buy Facebook ads.

However, it has been said that if these pages stop spreading such news, then they will be able to return to the previous position.

Facebook is mainly focused on three things:
1. Stop the money source when giving false information.
2. Launch new product to stop fake news.
3. Help ordinary people to become more aware of false news.

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