The World Most Powerful Super Computer

There are currently some super computers in the world. In this short list, the name was written by Chinese super computer 'Sunway Taihu Lite'. Just it did not stop writing the name. Chinese super computer has occupied the strongest computer in the list. A report from the technical website, Mashable, said in a report.

Owning a super computer is nothing new for China. Earlier, the super computer occupying the top position was made by the Chinese. But from one side to the Sunway Taihu Lite is unique from all the previous Chinese super computers.

Because the Chinese's new creation is made up of the original parts made from China. Intel's Chip was used in the previous Tianhi-2 super computer.

Its chip can be compared to the vastness of China's super computer, with Intel's latest core i7 processor. Whereas Intel’s processor has 10 active cores in this process, but there is more than one billion cores in Sunway Taihu Lite.

The third in the list and the most powerful super computer Titan in the United States, with the ability to compete in Sunway Taihe Lite is much more. Also it has a lot of difference from it. Under the supervision of the United States Department of Energy, Titan is in the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, whose core number is 560,000.

The vast super computer is far ahead of all the super computers of the past. It can handle 93 quadrillion count per second. If you want to write this number numerical number, then you will have to set the number adding zero after 93.

Even though it is so efficient, Sunway Taihu Lite is a great miser to energy consumption. It can run the work by spending very little energy. Simultaneously, the use of RAM is also affordable.

China has lost the United States to the list of 500 super computers on Top 500 websites. As a total super computer, China is now at the top. There are 165 super computers owned by the United States, where 167 are owned by China.

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