People must Leave Earth within Next 100 Years to Survive

In the next 100 years, people must leave this blue planet; human race will have to be built in another planet. Unplanned population increase, epidemics, changes of climate, and asteroids impact will make the people of Earth ineligible to live. British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking has said this. The world's leading scientist said in a BBC science program 'Tomorrow's World'. His former student, an astrophysicist Christopher Godfrey was along with Hawking in this program.

In the BBC event, Hawking said, sadly, it is true that the time of human living is decreasing in the world. As a result, people should arrange for living in another planet right now to live. And he thinks it is possible in the current science development cycle of this world. In last month's, in the program 'Tomorrow's World', Hawking said that excessive use of technology could destroy the human species. Further, taking coordinated action is the only way to prevent this loss.

Hawking also said in the event, to talk about the time of living in the world, he said that he will come out with his former student, Godfrey, in the world.

Hawking told last year that the possibility of a species-ending on Earth was certainly near when all the possibilities were taken into consideration. We should scatter into the universe so that a mishap on Earth could not extinct the human species.

He added that our picture of the universe has changed a great deal in the last 50 years and he is happy if he has made a small contribution.

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