'People's Car Project' in China is a Beginning of New Era in Automobile Design

In May 2011, Volkswagen automotive manufacturing company started its “People's Car Project” (PCP) in China to create the concepts of the Volkswagen car of the future. More than 33 million people visited the online base website, and accepted three concepts which are posted by users of an online platform for this project. These are the Hover Car, the Music Car, and the Smart Key Car.

The 'Hover Car', an environmental friendly two seated car which hovers just above the ground, Volkswagen is representing a zero emissions vehicle that could in future travel along electromagnetic road networks. The creative ideas of 'People's Car Project' give a valuable sagacity into the wishes of Chinese drivers. Simon Loasby, Head of Design at Volkswagen Group China said that the cars can easily navigate over crowded roads. It has a personal, emotional and exciting design.

A Hover Car is a personal vehicle which flies at a constant height of up to few meters above the ground level. It will be used only for personal transportation in the same way as modern automobile is employed. It usually put in an appearance in works of science fiction.

According to the science fiction, it is usually able to elevate itself some distance from the ground through some repulsion technology, or anti-gravity principle to eliminate most frictional forces which act against conventional vehicles. It does not need of tires, and unlike an air-cushion vehicle, it does not produce a dust cloud. Environmentally it will be the most effective car for us.

The 'Music Car' is another vehicles accepted from the People’s Car Project. It expresses the wish of many Chinese for individual automotive design. The exterior color of the vehicle changes with the driver's choice of music by its organic light emitting diodes. More than ever, the car becomes a means of self-expression and a fashion for young drivers.

The 'Smart Key Car' also manifested under the People’s Car Project and currently on show in Beijing, takes up the trend towards the stronger combination of online technologies in vehicles. Nine millimeter slim key has a high resolution touch screen which keeps the driver up to date on the fuel situation, climatic conditions and the car's security via the 3G network. The driver can also monitor the vehicle from a bird's eye perspective view through the transmission of real-time satellite.

'People's Car Project' Launched on Internet Platform in China
Volkswagen is taking a new pathway to the customer’s dialogue in China. The internet users of china can post their ideas about their future car on the "People's Car Project" (PCP) platform at www.zaoche.cn

Volkswagen Group has declared to create the most creative dialogue platform ever with this project. The platform is appearing in China, because that is the largest and most important market of Volkswagen. However, it is important for launching the project in other markets as well. Director of Marketing of Volkswagen Group named Luca de Meo and the Volkswagen Passengers narrated the Cars brand. This project is initially scheduled to run for a one year period.

450 million people or more have access to the internet in China. These users are interested in interactive content. The project reflects this demand. Luca de Meo commented that they hope to involve people via the internet and inspire them for Volkswagen. Internet users can access the ‘People’s Car Project’s page to co-develop their Volkswagen car model for the future as well as giving their ideas which are then discussed and developed further by other users. They can also post their ideas and upload their images or videos.

Luca de Meo explains, "With People’s Car Project we are listening very carefully to what our customers have to say and are building cars not only for, but also with people," He also added that this gives Volkswagen a valuable insight into the wishes, demands and the requirements of Chinese customers.

'People's Car Project' Dominate Volkswagen’s Car
The People's Car Project in China is an oncoming of a new era in automobile design. Due to high demand and the exceptionally good quality of the contributions, the People’s Car Project which was originally scheduled to run for one year, has been indefinitely extended.

Besides, a new project will be introduced where the users will not only be able to post their ideas and design for tomorrow's mobility, but also be able to give their suggestions about the environment.

Speaking briefly, the findings of the 'People's Car Project' will influence Volkswagen's product. Luca de Meo explained that the design of their models will continue to reflect the tradition of the Volkswagen brand. In future, if they were create a vehicle from the 'People's Car Project', it will be a combination of customer’s opinions and brand, Luca de Meo added.

Moreover, the Music Car is wrapped in LEDs which change colors to match the driver's choice of music. The Hover Car is a zero emissions two seated vehicle that hovers over electromagnetic road networks. The Smart Key Car is Big Brother for your car; the high deft touch screen on the nine millimeter key can track the status of your car and keep an eye on it via satellite transmission.

The project is still continuing, so people can still post their thoughts to Volkswagen's future. In the meantime there's a video and a couple of press releases for more on the story.

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