Do You Know What was The First SMS in The World?

SMS means short message service. This is one of the tools of modern generation communication. Modern version of SMS is always a matter of being awake with nightmares with the love of passion or chatting with loved ones or friends. But, do you know what was written in the first SMS of the world?

International website EDN Network says, 22 years old engineer Neil Papworth, the United States engineering company 'CEMA Group', sent the world's first SMS. Not to her girlfriend. He sent his message to the friend Richard Jarvis's mobile phone. But Neil did not use the mobile phone to send this message. He sent this message from the computer. His message was sent on 3 December 1992.

The question is what was written in the message? Since the date was 3 December, on December 25, Neil wrote on Christmas Day, "Merry Christmas" means Happy Christmas. Neil's message reached via Vodafone mobile network to his friend. The United States GSM Carrier Omnipoint Communications creates the first text messaging framework in the country. Within a few days, it spread to other countries in the United States. The United States of America has been delivering messages with different countries. But there was no scope to send more than 160 words at that time.

Initially, SMS technology was stuck in the face. It has not become very popular among users. According to statistics, in 1995, GSM service users sent only 0.4 text messages per month. Many users did not want to send messages or messages due to excessive bills.

However, at present SMS is one of the most important communications. Communicative apps such as Viber, Messenger, Emo, have been developed using the basic principles of SMS. According to statistics, in 2011 many mobile phone operators have earned about $585 billion from SMS service. But that's not only the income increased. SMS status has also increased. In 2011, the Oxford Dictionary added the word 'Lol' (Laughing out loud) to their list.

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