60% Android Device Security is at Risk. Google will not Provide Update

Recently a group of researchers from the old versions of Android Jelly Bean 4.3 and the serious security flaw has been identified. This error has been found in the 'Web View' section of the operating system that the miscreants can hijack someone else’s Smartphone. At present, about 60 percent (around 100 million) on Android devices are running Android 4.3 or older software version. But Google says that the company will not provide any security update for this old version of Android in the context of such error.

However, Google has given some logic to this position. A company official said Adrian luduiga, more than two year old Android 4.3 (and earlier) when the operating system update Webkit will change a lot of things which are quite time consuming and is likely to be the emergence of new problems. So Google does not want to update the error. Besides, now the people are gradually upgrading their devices into new versions. So the risk is decreasing.

He said some strategies may be used to avoid the problem of Android. A web browser can be used that doesn’t use web views and takes update. Such as chrome, it can be used on Android 4.0 or Firefox, 2.3 of Android, which is also useful. If the weak software can not be used and then the cyber attackers will not be able to do any harm.
However, many Android users do not know about other browsers, or they have no idea about how it should be run. This is a problem for them.

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